Payroll & Immigration


  • Engineering company specialized in hydraulic and electrical energies
  • Company involved in major global projects offering qualified support
  • As part of a response to a tender, our client won a contract and needed to deploy several engineers to Pakistan over a minimum period of 12 months.
  • The start date is imminent.
  • Our client does not have a local structure in Pakistan.
  • The personnel to be mobilized on the project is composed of foreigners.
  • Our client has no knowledge about immigration procedures.
  • The end-client does not want to be involved in the administrative aspect.
  • The project is long-term (more than 12 months) and therefore involves social and tax management of the payroll in the country of services.


  • Complex and lengthy immigration procedures
  • Multiple levels of control (approval at BOI, Ministry of the Interior, Consulate, etc.).
  • Geographically isolated site and difficulty accessing the site
  • Logistical difficulties (retrieval of documents)


Suggested Solutions
  • Local Payroll Solution:

    • Hire staff under one of our local entities
    • Manage local payroll, mandatory wage declarations and compulsory insurances
  • Professional Immigration:

    • Act as a local sponsor to obtain visas and work permits
    • Manage immigration procedures to obtain appropriate visas and work permits
Our Work Process
  • Local intervention by our agents
  • Site visits by couriers to collect documents
  • Direct actions with local authorities for approval procedures.
  • Coordination through Mobility HR’s team in Europe to set up the immigration file and follow up with embassies in Europe.
  • Acceptance of work permits by the authorities
  • Registration of staff with the various administrations
  • Payroll management (salary, social and tax reporting) monthly by our local teams
  • Management of the file under the supervision of Mobility HR.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Compliant situation of the staff working on site according to the requirements of the end-client (work visa).
  • Customer more than satisfied to have been able to find a compliant solution in this country and to provide an optimized service to its own client