Payroll & Immigration


  • Engineering company focusing on innovation to provide technological solutions to industrial sectors including automotive, aeronautic and energy.
  • A company with strong international growth, with a presence in more than 25 countries.
  • As part of a bid response, our client won a contract in IRAN in the automotive sector and has to mobilize several of their experts on site for periods ranging from 6 to 12 months.
  • Our client plans to open a subsidiary in Iran, but it is not operational yet.
  • The missioned experts for Iran are French and Iranian.
  • Our client is not aware of immigration procedures and the Iranian payroll system.
  • The end customer does not want to get involved in the administrative aspect.
  • The assignment involves the hiring of Iranians (nationals) and therefore requires contract management and local payroll. The same goes for expatriates to surround them locally.


  • Enhanced controls of foreigners with Business Visa status
  • Need to pay taxes locally (through a local employment contract) to obtain a tax clearance, which is required for obtaining a residence permit.
  • Currency transfers and exchange rates with high variability


Suggested solutions
  • Local payroll:

    • Hiring staff under one of our local entities under an Iranian contract
    • Manage local payroll, mandatory payroll social contributions and withholding taxes from the income.
  • Professional immigration:

    • Acting as a local sponsor in immigration procedures for expatriates
    • Manage immigration procedures to obtain adequate work visas and work permits.
Our work process
  • Set up of the immigration files by Mobility HR team in Europe
  • Sending files to our local agents in Iran
  • Direct actions with local authorities for approval procedures for work permits.
  • Assistance by Mobility HR teams in Europe to guide expatriates to apply for a work visa from embassies in Europe.
  • Local accompaniment for tax clearance requests, residence card, multiple entry visa.
  • Registration of staff with the different administrations
  • Payroll management (salary, social and tax declarations) monthly by our local teams
  • Assistance for opening bank accounts
  • Operations under the supervision of Mobility HR.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Client more than satisfied to have been able to find a quick solution to deploy his staff on the market without having to wait for their subsidiary to be created.
  • Client satisfied with the level of outsourcing of the administrative procedures that are carried out both in the country of departure and destination, and the responsiveness of the MBHR teams. The level of monitoring and market expertise is appreciated, as well as time saving.
  • Staff compliance is also an important issue as the staff was not concerned by the controls of the authorities that took place on the market.