• French company specialized in operational engineering consulting in the energy, infrastructure and industrial sectors.
  • Locations in France and Belgium
  • Recruitment of a Brazilian candidate, civil engineer, with the right skills to join the team in Paris.
  • Mobility from Brazil to France (impatriation).
  • The starting date of the contract is expected as soon as possible, as soon as the work permit is obtained.
  • Our client has filed a work permit application but has no news.
  • The customer has sought equivalent profiles on the French market, but did not find the right profile.


  • Knowledge of the procedures and the administrations in charge to whom to apply.
  • Recent changes of legislation in the procedures for obtaining residence permits in France
  • Longer processing time for non-highly skilled profiles.


Suggested solutions
  • Professional immigration:

    • Assistance in applying for a work permit / residence permit on behalf of the client.
Our work process
  • Analysis of the profile and identification of the type of permit to be requested.
  • Gathering documents and assembly of the immigration file.
  • Submission of the file to the competent administrations in France, on behalf of the client.
  • Follow up with the administrations until the result of the application is issued.
  • Guiding the candidate in the steps to be made with the French consulate in Brazil, upon receipt of approval.
  • Appointment with the prefecture in France to finalize the procedures on arrival in the country.
  • Verification of the title obtained and scheduled callback before the title expires.

Customer Satisfaction

  • The client is satisfied because the work permit has been successfully granted, especially since the client has never had a return on the file that had been filed by themselves.
  • The MBHR teams were able to build the case and put forward the arguments in favor of the foreign candidate for the position to be filled.
  • Although the procedural time is relatively long (2-3 months) when the demand is not anticipated, the customer has been able to discharge the administrative charges to MBHR and concentrate on its core business.