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    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. Security deposit

    • What is the security deposit?

      It is an amount corresponding to a month of the payroll, covering the obligations of the payroll (salary, taxes, charges and service costs), guaranteed in the case of non-payment, or one month ahead in case of early termination of the contract.

    • When shall we pay the bill for the security deposit?

      Upon receipt of the invoice. The security deposit must be in place before the entry of the candidate in the country of destination.

    • The security deposit may be used to pay the last payment of the contract?

      No. The security deposit is not used to pay a monthly bill ahead!

    • When is the refund of the security deposit usually done?

      The security deposit is returned at the end of the contract, after closing of the case and payment of invoices.

    2. Immigration

    • What are the steps to take and documents to provide?Upon confirmation of the project, i.e. the signature of the purchase order, we will send you information about the immigration process and the list of required documents.
    • Who is in charge of the visa application?It depends on the country of departure, destination and the nationality of the consultant. This information will be communicated as soon as the confirmation of the project. In general, our standard services do not include the logistics of the filing visa from the Embassy (in person, by mail, or via authorized agent filing).
    • What are consular fees?They correspond to official costs payable to the Embassy or Consulate to get the visa.
    • Who is in charge of mail sending? (DHL, Chronopost)• If documents come from the candidate or from the client to the destination country or to an immigration authority, they are not included in our prices and are on the responsibility of the client/candidate.
      • Shipments of domestic mail in the destination country are included.
      • Sending of documents by express mail at the request of the client/candidate will be also charged.
    • Can we book the flight tickets in advance?It is advisable to wait for the issuance of the visa or our confirmation before definitely booking tickets. In case the copy of air ticket is required for the steps, it is advisable to make a pre-booking or choose editable tickets.
    • Can the consultant go to the site on his arrival or should he make a representations relating to the immigration proceedings?It depends on the country of destination, whether steps must be carried out after the entry into the territory. This information will be provided for each project. It may also depend on the agreements with the customer.
    • Are there possibilities of additional costs to those indicated in the offer?There may be, according to the files:
      • Costs of translation/legalization.
      • Additional costs of mail
      • Costs related to accommodation or transport where the candidate is required to go to some meeting for immigration procedures (medical visit, interview at the immigration office, etc.).

    3. Contract Management

    • When de you send the monthly invoices of delivery?Invoices are edited and sent the 1st working day of the month for the current month.
    • When should we pay the invoices?At reception. Funds must be charged to our account for the 20th of the month work-in-progress to ensure the payment of salary to the candidate between the 30th of the month work-in-progress and the 5th of the following month.
    • What are the bank details for the payment of the invoices?The banking details are listed at the bottom of each invoice.
    • How to guarantee the time of payment of the wages of our employees/consultants?By adjusting invoices on time so that funds are debited to our account no later than the 20th of the month work-in-progress, considering the international banking delays. If so, we can guarantee a salary payment before the last day of the current month.
    • How to get the payslip of our employees/consultants?The payslips are available on a monthly basis before the 15th of the month following in your Dropbox folder online.
    • To whom talking in case of question during the contract concerning:Payments of invoices and wages:
      The monitoring of immigration files:
      Commercial demand:
    • Does the consultant receive an annual adjustment of income/tax?Yes. The annual statement is generally issued 3-4 months after the end of the tax year in question. Upon receipt, it is put at your disposal.

    4. Arrival in the country

    • Is the consultant received at the airport?This service is included in the standard service just in case if the presence of an agent at the airport is necessary for the immigration procedures. If there is a request on the part of the consultant or customer, it is possible in some countries as optional service.
    • Is there an emergency number to contact in case of problems upon arrival in the destination country?An emergency number will be communicated to you before to departure to the country of destination. So, it is imperative that we are in possession of the flight details, email address and the mobile phone of your consultant number / collaborator before his departure.

    5. End of the contract

    • Shall we inform you about the date of termination of the contract?Yes. This is necessary for the good organization of the demobilization and deregistration of the employee/consultant. If the end date is different from that originally agreed, he must inform us respecting the agreed notice period. A premature end of a contract can also lead to additional costs related to the premature cancellation of the work permit or residence card.
    • Is there any legwork to do by the consultant/employee at the end of his contract to leave the territory?This depends on the country. The instructions will be provided if applicable.
    • When the consultant will receive the output documents and annual adjustment of taxes related to his/her contract?The schedule varies from one country to another. The output documents are usually available within a few days after the payment of the final salary, when there is end of contract documents. The annual statement of taxes is generally issued 3-4 months after the end of the fiscal year and will be provided upon receipt by our services.
    • What are the risks if the consultant/employee leaves or has already left the territory without that we have informed you?• Difficulties to enter the territory again in the future if the process of obtaining the tax clearance or the exit visa could not be respected (applicable in some countries).
      • Complication for the closing of some local deregistration
      • Complication to organize remote removal of some original documents (work permits, residence permit, social security card, output documents, etc.).