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    Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

    12 points for understanding the effectiveness of a PEO service.

    • What is the PEO (Professional Employer Organization)?

      A complete outsourcing service of the social, fiscal and legal management of the Human Resources.
      PEO service materializes through a co-employment agreement, which means that we contractually share some employer’s responsibilities with our customers.

    • What are the benefits of the PEO?

      By using a PEO service, our customers are able to
      – Give their employees access to quality services
      – Minimize risk and stay up to date in regards of the regulations
      – Minimize the tasks and administrative burdens
      – Optimize their HR services without increasing the staff

    • What type of company uses a service of PEO?

      Millions of expatriate workers are currently employed through a service of PEO.
      This model is mainly adopted by small and medium-sized companies with an international activity.

    • PEO service can adapt to all types of activities including (but without limitation):

      – Real estate and property management
      – IT Services and new technologies
      – Engineering Services and technical assistance
      – Health Services
      – Legal and Advisory Services
      – Management Consulting Services
      – Corporate Services
      – Accounting and audit
      – NGOS, Associations

    • What do we mean by co-employment?

      The contract between our client and ourselves creates the co-employment relationship.
      We take in charge some aspects of the responsibilities as an employer. The employees of our customers become co-employed by the customer and us, while remaining under the management and supervision of the customer. We operate as an employer of records on an administrative basis.

    • Use a service of co-employment means lose control of its teams, its employees

      No, not at MBHR. We are responsible for the conformity of the employees’ situation in the country they’re working in, where the job is performed and where the payroll is handled. We also are responsible for the deduction of income tax at source, payment of social security contributions, social situation in line with the laws of the country. However, you remain their employer and you keep full control over their time, the management, the authority, etc. You don’t lose your rights related to management, control, supervision, and monitoring.
      In fact, MBHR taking care of the administration of your employees, allows you to focus on your priorities and the management of your teams. Thanks to our PEO service you can optimize your human resources management and risk reduction in order for you to concentrate mainly on your activity.

    • Can a partnership with MBHR affect the corporate culture?

      No, MBHR get involved only at your request and only in an administrative HR management outsourcing framework.

    • Does our PEO service help to stay in compliance with the laws and other government regulations?

      Yes. We provide full support to help you stay in compliance in the country where your employees operate.

    • What is the difference between a PEO service and the complete outsourcing of HR services?

      In a co-employment relationship, you share some employer responsibilities with MBHR, which is not the case when it comes to a typical HR services outsourcing whose role is focused on the advise and operational tasks without taking any responsibility.

    • Are the PEO services all equivalent?

      No, certainly not. It is true that the co-employment is part of all PEO services, but there are important differences of quality and management from one PEO service to another.
      At MBHR, our efforts are focused on:
      – Flexibility: we adapt our offer to your needs whereas our competitors only offer standard solutions.
      – The partnership: we accompany you from the beginning of the process, from the offer so that we optimize it at best way, to the end of the assignment of your employees. Our teams will evaluate all possible options with you and will be at your side throughout the contract you sign with your customers.
      – Reliability: our work is based on solutions that are in order with local and national regulations and laws.
      – Location: we are structured on an international scale but operate locally in more than 100 countries. Our central cell allows our customers to manage easily their employees through a single point of contact.
      – The Service: as any services, PEO services must be compared on their cost but more on their quality and their compliance because at MBHR we manage expats who expect from us a support and a perfect situation in order to focus on their mission in all serenity.

    • Why are we different at MBHR?

      With over 15 years of experience on international markets and unmatched expertise, MBHR is particularly well positioned to help companies expand themselves abroad safely across more than 100 countries.
      More than 100 teams of local experts are dedicated to your business, allowing to provide you a service tailored to your needs so that you can achieve your goals.

    • Some figures on the client using a service of PEO

      – Companies who use a PEO service over the long term (1 year) see their RH management efficiency increase strongly with a RH management of at least 50% efficiency gain.
      – Companies that use a PEO service generally decrease their turn-over from 10 to 14 %.