Professional Employment Outsourcing & Immigration


  • Company specialized in the design and production of electronic products
  • International company due to its multi-continental industrial activities.
  • In order to get closer to its Asian partners and suppliers, the company has opened a purchasing office in China and wants to mobilize one of their purchasing managers (currently based at headquarters in France) to manage this office.
  • The customer's purchasing office does not allow the hiring of an expatriate. Only Chinese employees.
  • There is still no HR or payroll manager in China to take over the management of a Chinese contract and payroll.
  • HR managers are headquartered in France and seek support throughout the mobility of this employee, for whom expatriation is a first.
  • The employee needs to be reassured and HR managers have no experience and knowledge of immigration procedures for China.


  • Offer a Chinese employment contract, allowing the employee to be eligible for the application for the visa and work permit, and to be contracted under local contract under a structure able to host expatriates.
  • Do not scare the collaborator with the administrative burden of immigration procedures for obtaining a visa, work permit and residence in China.
  • Offer medical coverage equivalent to what she knows in France.


Suggested Solutions
  • Local payroll:
    • Engage the employee through a national employment contract through our local network.
    • Manage payroll and mandatory pay / tax declarations according to the Chinese system.
  • Professional immigration:
    • Act as a local sponsor in the immigration process for the expatriate
    • Manage immigration procedures to obtain work visas, work permits and adequate residency
  • Services for Expatriates:
    • Private medical insurance + Assistance for registration with French voluntary contributions for expatriates (CFE).
Our Work Process
  • Gathering information for case study and analysis of possible options.
  • Buildup of the immigration file by Mobility HR’s teams in Europe
  • Sending files to our local agents in China
  • Direct actions with local authorities for the procedure of approval of the letter of invitation of the work visa (Z-Visa).
  • Guidance by Mobility HR teams for the work visa application at the Chinese Embassy in France
  • Accompaniment by our Chinese agents for the application of the work permit and residence, once in the territory.
  • Registration of the staff with different administrations
  • Payroll management (salary, social and tax declarations) monthly by our local teams
  • Assistance to open a bank account in China
  • File management under the direction of Mobility HR.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Client satisfied with the level of outsourcing of the administrative procedures that are carried out both in the departure and arrival countries, and the responsiveness and availability of MBHR’s teams. The level of monitoring and market expertise was appreciated.
  • Employment solution in accordance with local laws allowing the expatriate to work in full compliancy.