Professional Employment Outsourcing – PEO


  • Leading company in the design and manufacture of micro-connectors
  • Company with a global presence, through its locations and the constant development of new markets.
  • In order to develop the activities in Latin America and open a subsidiary if the market is performing, our client wants to hire a Mexican Sales manager.
  • Our client does not have a local operational establishment to contract the employee in Mexico
  • HR managers are located a the headquarter in France and are looking for a "turnkey" solution to help them set up and manage the contract with the employee they wish to hire.
  • The candidate is employed already, and needs concrete and reassuring elements to resign and join the client's team.


  • To be able to quickly propose to the future employee a job solution, and a salary package for Mexico.
  • Establish a local contractual relationship, according to Mexican law, and be able to provide benefits in kind, such as private social coverage relevant for the Mexican market.


Suggested solutions
  • Local Payroll Solution:
    • Engage the employee through a national employment contract through our local network.
    • Manage payroll, mandatory salary declarations and compulsory insurances according to the regulations in force in Mexico
  • Services for Expatriates:
    • Customized social hedges (welfare, health, repatriation, etc.) in Mexico.
Our work process
  • Gathering the information and conditions of employment proposed to the candidate
  • Establishment of the Mexican employment contract, via our local partners.
  • Registration of the employee on the payroll and towards the various social unions and insurances company.
  • Payroll management (salaries, social and tax declarations) monthly by our local teams
  • Monitoring and management of the file by the Mobility HR teams.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer satisfied with the speed of execution and having been able to find a turnkey solution to hire the candidate and manage his contract and payroll in Mexico through Mobility HR
  • Staff able to work in accordance with local laws, without the client having to rush the opening of a subsidiary in the territory.