Compensation & Benefits


  • French company specialized in logistics and transport.
  • Presence in more than 60 countries spread over 5 continents.
  • Mobility of a French collaborator and his family, from France to Cameroon, to take the position of Financial Director in a subsidiary in Cameroon for a period of 2 years.
  • The date of mobilization is imminent.
  • Our client has not fixed the remuneration package and must present it to the employee in the following days.
  • There is no defined package calculation policy in the group for internal mobility
  • Our client wants to present a clear package to the employee
  • Our client wishes to validate the package and avoid double taxation as far as possible and validate the contractual scheme for the employee's expatriation.


  • Maintain equity with other expatriate employees
  • Optimize costs for the company while offering a net "spendable" equivalent to the employee, taking into account the differences of the cost of living between the country of departure and destination, and the taxation.
  • Optimize costs for the company while ensuring health coverage equivalent to what the employee knows in France for him and his family.
  • Analyse the file and validate a package within a very short requested time (1 week)


Suggested solutions
  • Compensation Package calculation:
    • Calculation of gross to net and employer cost
    • Recommendation on optimization, social and tax equalizations
    • Integration of cost of living index, difficulty of life index, etc.
  • Expatriate contract wording
  • Assistance with setting up the payroll (local payroll + shadow payroll)
Our work process
  • Analysis and understanding of the client's compensation calculation policy.
  • Conference call to discuss and validate the chosen options
  • Calculation of the compensation package and proposal of optimization options
  • Presentation of the package to the customer and the employee
  • Delivery of a written report
  • Drafting of the work contract corresponding to the selected package.
  • Coordination with the customer's payroll teams for the implementation of payroll in the internal payroll management system
  • Instructions to the tax specialist of the client for the deductions and declarations to be made on the package

Customer Satisfaction

  • Very satisfied with the way things are presented, both tools and supports, as well as oral explanations that have been popularized to facilitate comprehension of all and the assimilation of legal, social and fiscal elements.
  • The complete analysis of a file allows the client to have a ground for future similar expatriations.
  • Optimization proposed which allowed a reduction of costs for the company.
  • The advice and recommendations given to the employee to better prepare his departure were appreciated.