Professional Employment Outsourcing & Immigration


  • Company specialized in consulting and technical assistance in the sectors of energy, water and environment.
  • Company active on the international scale, deploying its skilled engineers on project’s sites worldwide.
  • Manage the mobilization of 5 engineers sent to Mali, following the winning of a tender for the construction of a power plant.
  • The client has no intention of opening a permanent establishment in Mali
  • The end customer does not take care of any administrative procedure, except the letter of invitation to allow the engineers entering the country
  • The client’s core business is engineering and not the administrative and legal aspects of managing expatriate contracts
  • The mobilization must take place as soon as possible because the start of the project is imminent.


  • The 5 engineers have different nationalities (European and non-European)
  • Some engineers do not speak French (language’s barrier)
  • Some engineers are part of the client’s team; some have been recruited specifically for the mission in Mali and are not yet contracted.


Suggested solutions
  • Local payroll solution:
    • Host engineers under employment national contract
    • Manage Payroll, social security declarations and tax returns
  • Professional immigration:
    • Act as a local sponsor in the immigration process for hiring the foreign engineers
    • Manage immigration procedures to obtain adequate work and residence permits
  • Services for Expatriates:
    • Repatriation Assistance / Private Health Insurance
Our work process
  • Buildup of the immigration files by Mobility HR’s team
  • Sending files to our local agents in Mali
  • Direct actions with local governments for procedures for obtaining work and residence permits
  • Registration of staff with different administrations
  • Payroll management (salary, social and tax declarations) monthly by our local teams
  • File management supervised by Mobility HR.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer satisfied with the responsiveness and speed of execution of MBHR’s team for setting up the local environment for this project.
  • Staff able to work in compliance for the duration of the project, especially in this risky country, by outsourcing the globality of the administrative procedures related to the contracts of these 5 engineers. The customer has not lost time on the contract, pay, and immigration aspects that he does not master.