How does MobilityHR handle billing?
We conduct monthly billing based on the purchase order provided by the client.

What are the norms for billing processing?
We issue invoices in Euros, USD, or Pounds Sterling, requiring confirmation of details by the end of each month.

Does MobilityHR provide payslips to employees under EOM?
Yes, we issue payslips that comply with the legal requirements of the employee’s host country.

Is it possible to determine salaries in a foreign currency?
Salaries are generally paid in the local currency of the host country and specified as such in the employment contract. However, if possible, we can arrange for payment in the employee’s preferred currency, subject to exchange rates and banking fees.

Can the salary payment cycle be adjusted?
We can accommodate salary payments outside the regular payroll cycle, except in countries where this is not allowed.

Is it feasible for Mobility HR to pay salaries in a different country?
Yes, we can disburse salaries in a foreign country, provided they align with the labour laws of the host country.

How are taxes and social security contributions handled?
MobilityHR manages all employer and employee taxes and social security contributions according to the host country’s regulations. These are deducted from the gross salary during the monthly payroll process and paid to the relevant authorities, with deductions detailed on the payslips. In jurisdictions where employees must file their own taxes, we assist in tax calculations and submissions.

What is the process for business expense reimbursements?
We assess expenses for taxability based on the host country’s tax laws. Non-taxable expenses are reimbursed net of taxes or charges, while taxable expenses are added to the salary and reimbursed after tax and charge deductions.

Can clients directly handle business expense reimbursements?
While we advise managing expense reimbursements through our EOM, it’s not mandatory in all countries. If clients opt to handle this directly, we are not responsible for ensuring their proper management and compliance.