Does MobilityHR serve as the employer in the host country?
Yes, through our established local entities, MobilityHR acts as the official employer in the host country, ensuring full compliance with local employment norms.

Are local employment contracts used for employees under MobilityHR EOM?
Mostly, local employment contracts are essential to meet the host country’s employment and labour law requirements. We tailor these contracts to align with local regulations and can include any specific clauses you wish to add. Our services also cover the creation of assignment letters, the suspension of employment contracts, and other related areas.

What about employee insurance coverage?
Employees are automatically enrolled in the host country’s mandatory national insurance schemes, such as social security and any other legally required insurance, which may include workers’ compensation or health insurance.

Can we offer additional insurance benefits?
Certainly, we assist in providing a wide range of optional or private insurance plans for employees, including but not limited to travel, health, repatriation, and family insurance.

What is our role in daily staff management?
While we legally employ the staff, our role is confined to being the employer of record. The client retains the responsibility for daily management tasks, including overseeing work hours, methodologies, and project execution.

Are we responsible for ensuring employee compliance in the host country?
Post-employment contract signing, we assume responsibility for compliance with immigration, tax, and labour laws. However, the client is primarily accountable for the employee’s conduct and activities in the host country. We keep our clients updated on legal requirements like work hour limits and holiday entitlements.

How do we handle leave requests and employee inquiries?
Clients are responsible for managing and approving leave requests and other employee inquiries, which are then communicated to us for accurate payroll processing.

Do we update clients on changes in employment laws?
We actively inform our clients about any legislative changes affecting employees in the host country, including the effects on current contracts and possible solutions to minimise any negative impacts.