What is the role of an Employment Outsourcing Management company?
An Employment Outsourcing Management (EOM) company advises its clients on potential outsourced employment solutions based on an anticipated situation, then acts as the legal and administrative employer of your staff, assuming all legal and regulatory responsibilities relating to immigration, employment, and payroll, and advising its client before, after and throughout the duration of the EOM contract. Although this company is the employer on record, it has no supervisory or managerial control over the employees. The original employer retains all decisions relating to remuneration, roles, projects, and termination of employment. The EOM’s responsibilities include managing visa and work permit applications, registering employment contracts with local authorities, managing income tax and social security contributions, and ensuring compliance with local employment legislation.

What does an EOM solution include?
An EOM solution offers three main services: the analysis and advice needed to select the right employment solution; the Employer of Record (EoR) service, which manages employment contracts and all related formalities; and the Professional Immigration Service (PIS), which provides a full range of services for expatriate professionals and employees, including visa applications, family visas, work permits, and residence permits.

Who benefits from an EOM solution?
An EOM solution is beneficial for both local residents and expatriates, as it fully complies with the laws of the host country. It mitigates the risk of violating labour, tax, and employment regulations, offering a dependable solution in nearly every country.

When is an EOM solution most beneficial?
An EOM solution is particularly useful when hiring individuals in a country where your company lacks a legal entity or in regions with high hiring costs. It’s also advantageous for managing remote payroll in countries that rarely allow it, especially for prolonged assignments. If you’re looking to enter a new market or assign employees to a country without a legal entity, an EOM solution can effectively navigate the regulatory and financial challenges of employing staff abroad, ensuring legal compliance for both local and international employees.

Should EOM be considered a key strategy in international expansion?
EOM is increasingly vital in international expansion strategies, especially as companies adapt to new work cultures like international outsourcing and remote working. With countries updating immigration and employment laws to prevent exploitation and tax revenue loss, adopting new strategies like EOM is essential to overcome the challenges of global expansion. EOM is thus becoming a critical approach in managing contracts for both expatriate and local workers.

Is there a specific duration for using an EOM solution?
At MobilityHR, the minimum commitment for using an EOM solution is 3 months, with no maximum duration.

What’s the minimum number of employees required to use the EOM service?
At MobilityHR, the EOM service is available even for a single employee, as there is no minimum staff requirement.