Does our EOM include managing immigration procedures?
Within our EOM, MobilityHR expertly manages all immigration-related documentation for employees, ensuring seamless integration into our system.

Is MobilityHR equipped to sponsor work permits?
Absolutely! MobilityHR is proficient in sponsoring work permits, with capabilities extending to over 150 countries globally.

Can MobilityHR arrange work permits for employees of other companies?
As part of our EOM services, MobilityHR serves as the employer of record, overseeing contract and payroll management in the employee’s host country to streamline work permit processes. For businesses with an existing presence in the host country requiring only immigration support, we offer specialised services beyond the standard PEO model.

How does MobilityHR approach the use of business visas in its EOM?
Our policy minimises reliance on short-term business visas, focusing instead on securing valid work permits for all employees. This strategy is designed to avoid complications with local authorities due to frequent business visa usage for multiple country visits. We accommodate such requirements in specific scenarios where a business visa is essential for initial entry, particularly when an employee’s presence is needed to start the work permit process in the host country. Additionally, in some cases, employees may commence work in the host country upon submission of their work permit application.