Does Mobility HR manage immigration procedures as part of their PEO solution?
Mobility HR consistently handles all immigration paperwork for an employee under a PEO contract with our organization.

Is Mobility HR capable of sponsoring work permits?
Yes, Mobility HR has the capacity to sponsor work permits across more than 150 countries worldwide.

Can Mobility HR sponsor a work permit on behalf of another company?
In a PEO arrangement, Mobility HR acts as the employer of record and manages the employee’s contract and payroll in the host country to facilitate a work permit. However, if your business has its own established structure in the host country and only needs support with immigration procedures, such a service is available outside the PEO framework.

Does Mobility HR use business visas for its PEO solutions?
We strive to limit the use of short-term business visas as we ensure all employees have valid work permits. This approach helps prevent issues with authorities regarding frequent use of business visas for multiple country visits. In certain countries, a business visa might be necessary for entry if the applicant’s presence is required to initiate the work permit application in the host country. In some instances, it may even be permissible for an employee to begin work in the host country as soon as the work permit application has been submitted.