Does Mobility HR function as the local employer?
Through our local entities, we serve as the formal local employer in the host country.

Are employees in a PEO arrangement employed under a local employment contract?
In the majority of scenarios, a local employment contract is necessitated to comply with the employment requirements and labor laws of the host country. We use employment contracts in line with the regulations of the host country, inclusive of any additional stipulations you might want to incorporate. We can also provide assistance in crafting assignment letters, suspending employment contracts, and other related tasks.

Are employees insured?
Employees are covered by a mandatory national insurance scheme via social security contributions, in addition to any other insurance that is mandated by the host country’s legislation in relation to the employment contract. This may include workmen’s compensation or health insurance.

Are there supplementary insurance options?
Indeed, we can assist our clients in offering their employees a comprehensive assortment of supplementary or private insurance coverages, such as travel, health, repatriation, family coverage, and more.

Does Mobility HR manage the staff on a daily basis?
Despite the legal employment of the staff through our company, we act solely as the employer of record. The daily supervision of employees’ work hours, methodologies, and projects is always handled by the client, who remains the primary employer.

Is Mobility HR accountable for ensuring compliance of employees in the host country?
While the client maintains primary responsibility for the activities, behavior, and circumstances of the employee in the host country, once the employee has signed the employment contract, we, as the employer of record, assume direct responsibility, especially concerning immigration, tax, and labor matters related to the contract. We keep our clients informed of the legal requisites of the host country, such as restrictions on working hours, annual leave allowances, etc.

How are leave requests and other inquiries managed?
Leave requests are overseen and approved by our clients, as principals, and relayed to us for payroll incorporation.

Does Mobility HR keep its clients updated about changes in employment laws relevant to the contract?
We keep our clients informed about any modifications impacting employees in the host country, including the anticipated effective date, the implications on the existing contract (if any), and the alternatives available to alleviate the impact.